Scrapbooking. Interesting work by creating original photo albums. Step-based design


DIY work by using photos from a file. I like these works. Three-dimensional photo albums are easy to create, although not as detailed as real albums. But photos are always in view, and often there are several layers of an album. photo author'sUsing photos in photo album design you can make several side panels, using columns and a crocheted crumpled cardboard. I cut out the side panels from a landscape sheet and photograph the inside of the side panels. As soon as the side panels are complete, I begin to collect them side by side. For example, an album for a child who was born in the 90's can be viewed. The photo shows that in the summer, many people collect photos in sections. In summer, it is better to collect pictures in one area. After the summer, photos should be in several different places at once. photo of the authorNow we make 8 side panels, each of which is numbered. We will use them for different photos. We make 8 rows.Now we will cut out the blanks that will be used as the flooring. As you can see, I marked each row with column and pad. photo of the authorBegin by selecting a photo and start working. We take photos out of their convenient size d-3, 5 d-4, 5.5, 5.5 mm. We glue the bottom blanks. And start gluing each side panel. photo of the authorGluing each side panel. You can start gluing it immediately by gluing the floor. We take photos out of albums. You can show them to your children and ask them to lay their future one on their album. This option is suitable for children who want to decorate their photo albums with engravings or photos. photo of the authorFor each side panel, I take a sheet of thick paper. It is necessary to cover it with more paper. photo of the authorNow we are waiting for the photo to finish gluing the side panels. We take photos out of the album and carefully roll them into place. Separately, I glue the columns with a columns with a cap. photo of the authorNow you need to diagram the folding of the album pages. I take sheets with a size of 30*30 cm. The middle of each sheet is wrapped with yarn. The Assembly is complete within 14-15 minutes. You can spend time such as this with children and enjoy a creative evenings creativity. Here are some easy photos for kids 1-18 year olds.CHIPPED BOOK: an interesting way to spend an evening, spent time with your child.from the pinimg websiteChildren are happy to take part in the process. They take photos of their favorite things and attach them to posters.